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Industry News

Quanma connector supports the customization of high-voltage connectors, including multi-high pressure needle core configuration and combination of high pressure needle core and conventional needle core, which is the ideal solution for medical devices and industrial applications.

Driven by the national strategy of "Healthy China", the big health industry is ushering in a golden period of development. The field of advanced medical devices is booming. In the transmission of medical equipment, higher requirements are put forward for the transmission technology of medical connector.

In order to adapt to China's industrial development in the field of high-tech manufacturing requirements, set up in line with international standards of technical evaluation mechanism, more and more kinds of products need compulsory certification and conform to the requirements of the product EMC electromagnetic compatibility, the horse to launch 3 c standard waterproof, anti surge, arc, integration of two-way AC power supply push-pull self-locking connector (45 f). The products can be used in industrial computer, infrared laser, industrial robot high-definition video equipment and other fields.

In order to meet the needs of different signal transmission and transmission rate, Quanma has launched waterproof IP68, strong anti-interference ability, lightweight Y series, which can take two coaxial signals -- lightweight push-pull self-locking double coaxial connector, AY-TL straight plug, AY-ZL fixed socket, a wide range of applications. Vehicle, Internet of things, mobile devices and other audio and video signals and SDI signals in many fields.

In order to adapt to the installation space of different devices, Quanma introduces 00S coaxial bending head to achieve reliable connection for you in the minimum space. Small appearance, light weight, high density installation, the product can be used in sensors, medical instruments, industrial control and other fields.

Product introductionWith the rapid development of modern science and technology, spawned a wide range of instruments and equipment, the form of the connector, performance, transmission level requirements are constantly improving, according to the customer flat requirements, the whole horse connector launched flat connector, will help flat equipment high-speed development.

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